Why visit Kuttikkanam?

Kuttikanam is a scenic hill station located in the Idukki district of the South Indian state, Kerala. Having an elevation of 3500 feet above the sea level, this beautiful mountain range is surrounded by lush green tea and cardamom plantations.

This tiny town has a tropical climate which has opened new avenues of opportunities for the travel and tourism sector. The average temperature of the town and its vicinity is approximately 22-degree Celcius.

The land parcels enjoy good connectivity to the other parts of Kerala through road. The neighboring towns like Peermade, Kanjirapally, and Mundakayam enable tourists to easily access the location from any part of the state.

The nearby railway station is Kottayam (71 km) and the Cochin International Airport serves as the nearest airport (126 km).

Why Kuttikanam?

Kerala is known for its charming landscapes and mountains. But most of the attention is focused on mainstream destinations like Munnar, making it crowded throughout the year.

Offbeat destinations like Kuttikanam gained prominence in order to accommodate the surging footfall of tourists with a similarly equivalent geography.

Due to its lush green coverage, excellent weather conditions, road connectivity and abundance of wildlife elements, Kuttikanam has received great attention in Kerala tourism sector.

The immensely rejuvenating climate, its unexplored destinations, delicious local cuisines, and geographical advantages have attracted a significant number of travelers to its destinations.

Some of the attractions

Well, Kuttikkanam itself is mostly a foggy hill station where people come to explore the weather, the eateries around, and some places that offer plantation visits.

But the good thing is, Kuttikkanam is surrounded by a good number of other sights as well. And it only takes a less than 30 minutes drive to reach all these beautiful locations.

Here are a few must-see sights around Kuttikkanam.

Ammachi Kottaram

Kuttikanam steeps into Kerala history through Ammachi Kottaram. If history is to be believed, this old house was the summer retreat of the erstwhile King of Travancore.

The old haunting remains of the palace has three rooms, two halls, one visiting room, a nadumuttam (inner courtyard), dining hall, and kitchen, besides two secret passages.

This iconic monument is about 1.5 km from Kuttikanam. Tourists who intend to explore a slice of Kerala history can easily pursue their task at Ammachi Kottaram.

The word ‘Ammachi’ means Mother in English and ‘Kottaram’ means the Palace.

Valanjamkanam Water Falls

This beautiful waterfall would be the first point of interest for travelers coming from the Mundakayam region.

Its majestic appearance attracts every traveler to take a pit stop.

Park your vehicles on the side and enjoy the scenic waterfall and don’t forget to take some pictures.

The nearby tea stalls will provide you a hot cup of tea or coffee along with some snack to take a break during the thrilling high range drive.

The waterfall can be spotted on Kottayam – Kumily Road at 16 km from Mundakayam. The location has been screened for Malayalam movie ‘Charlie’.


The spiritual place of Azhutha is closely related to the legend of Lord Ayyappa, a popular Hindu deity worshipped in Kerala.

Every year, thousands of pilgrims will take the holy bath and embark on their spiritual journey through the forest through Azhutha.

The ardent forests and wildlife are the prime attractions at Azhutha.

The place is located on the banks of Azhutha River, the tributary of the third largest river in Kerala, Pamba. The place is located under 5 km between Kuttikkanam and Peerumedu on Kottayam Kumily Road.

The locals residing in the proximity of Azhutha primarily depend on the Sabarimala pilgrimage to unlock their major source of income.

Parunthumpara Viewpoint

Parunthumpara is the foremost tourist attraction near Kuttikanam.

The word Parunth according to the local language means Eagle. The iconic rock structure here resembles the shape of an eagle and hence the place got its name. Travelers can enjoy a birds-eye view of lush green forests and the accompanying areas of Kuttikanam.

There is no entry fee for this location. Kids, family, and friends can enjoy astounding views of green hills and spend some quality time here.

The place is located at 32 km from Mundakayam, 12 km from Kuttikanam and 6 km from Peermede.


Panchalimedu is an enchanting tourist destination close to Kuttikanam.

Located at 17 km from Mundakayam, this iconic place comprises of green-capped mountains and misty views all around.

This eco-tourism project is developed, maintained and run by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC).

Tourists are supposed to take tickets to enter the place. Once you enter, you can have an immense panoramic view of the valleys and hills.

The area comprises of iconic stone sculptures, ponds, and benches to provide comfort to the travelers. It’s a perfect place to hang out for a day with friends and family.

This is not all

The whole area around Kuttikkanam is blessed with nature’s beauty. You will instantly fall in love with the green meadows, tea plantations and the pleasant weather all year around.

We will be posting more on places around Kuttikkanam and everything that will help new travelers.

Talk soon.


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